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Hedge funds have become the go-to investment for people just starting out in finances. In addition to being easily accessible to amateur investors, hedge funds have several other advantages, including low tax rates, minimal risk to portfolios, and higher returns for investors. The following books offer the most useful information on hedge funds, giving new investors key information on how to manage hedge fund investments and providing veteran investors with strategies to maximize their profits.

All About Hedge Funds: The Easy Way to Get Started by Robert A. Jaeger

Robert Jaeger’s All About Hedge Funds gives new investors the most important information on how to get started in hedge fund investments. In a clear and concise format, Jaeger gives the basics on hedge funds and how would-be investors can maximize their returns while still maintaining a low risk to their overall portfolio. In addition to providing information for new investors, Jaeger also gives tips on how established investors can incorporate hedge funds into their existing portfolios.

Market-Neutral Investing: Long/Short Hedge Fund Strategies by Joseph Nicholas

Joseph Nicholas’s Market-Neutral Investing gives the essentials on long/short trading, an investment strategy that has recently become the top choice for hedge fund investors. In Market-Neutral Investing, Nicholas explains that long/short trading can be particularly profitable during unpredictable trading conditions. In a guide to long/short trading, Nicholas gives examples from over a thousand hedge funds, detailing both trading records and personal accounts from hedge fund managers to give investors the most comprehensive information on long/short trading.

More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite by Sebastian Mallaby

More Money Than God serves as a historical analysis of hedge fund trading. In the book, Sebastian Mallaby traces the history of hedge fund trading from its conception in the late 1960s to the 2008 financial crisis. In addition to providing a historical record of hedge fund trading, Mallaby also analyzes arguments against hedge funds, determining that hedge funds are beneficial to the overall health of the economy by contending that they are driven by market forces. Winner of the Gerald Loeb Award, which honors financial journalism, More Money Than God rests its findings on accounts from hundreds of hedge fund managers who give investors their personal insights into the trading strategy.